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About Community College

Take A Look at How We Begin

Raja Balwant Singh College, formerly known as Balwant Rajput College, is NAAC A+ accredited, UGC recognized College with Potential For Excellence and DSIR approved. The Community College started in a heritage building of the college known as "Laxmi Niketan" (formerly guest house) in which Dr. Rajendra prasad and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru had stayed during their visit to the Raja Balwant Singh College,Agra. The foundation stone was laid down by the pioneer alumnus of the college, Prof. D.P. Singh ji, the Chairmen of the University Grants Commission, New Delhi On 9th Oct 2019. The First Session Started from 2018 with the financial support of UGC, New Delhi. The aim of the Community College is to provide SKILL BASED EDUCATION with the support of Industries sector skill councils and Corporates for holistic development of the student by making him/her employable in new areas of Agriculture Instrumentation,Circular economy,Health,Sustainability and Food Sciences. It provides diploma, Advanced Certificate-diploma, B. Voc. and PG diploma Courses aligned to National Skill Qualification Framework of the Government & duty approved by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra, designed with facilities for multiple exits/entry into the programmes and, depending on the attented may be awarded Diploma/ Advanced Diploma or a B. Voc degree at the end of the 6 semester programme as the case may be.

It is expected that these programme would enable its products making a meaningful participation in economic activities of the country through adequate employment and entrepreneurship. All the proposed vocational programmes detailed herein above shell have a judicious mix of skills and general education on the relevant field and is expected to equip its students to cope with the emerging trends and challenges in their relevant field of expertise gained. All affiliate institutions of the university offering such courses shall have to have in place an Advisory Committee that would be responsible for monitoring and time to time data feeding to the UGC on the conduct and status of the B. Voc programme(s) running at the institution. The institution level Advisory Committee shell comprises of

  • Principal as Chairperson
  • Nodal Officer: Member-Secretary
  • Representatives of the Relevant Sector Skill Council(s)
  • Representatives of Industry Partners
  • Representatives of the University
  • Representative College Faculty as Academic Expert.

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